The Ravensgate Chronicles: Unholy Awakening

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Cole Mendoza’s good friend, Sandy, leaves Detroit escaping domestic abuse and moves to a small town called Ravensgate to start a new life. She later mysteriously goes missing from within her own home, and the police don’t do enough to find her. 

Cole, the owner of a private security company, plays detective when he moves into Sandy’s Victorian to do his own investigation. Soon, strange things happen in the old house.  He encounters spirits that are desperately trying to tell him something. Cole believes there is significance to the marble busts of the three women that Sandy sculpted. 

After finding an old book on esoteric rituals and discovering something sinister in the basement, Cole thinks he’s in over his head. His search leads him to meet a psychic, an ex-occultist, and a warrior Catholic nun who learn there is a occult connection to the whole town. 

Things unravel as the team must search for a document called the Ravensgate Chronicles which may help find Sandy and stop the Unholy Awakening.

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    304 pages
  • Size2.24 MB
  • Length304 pages
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The Ravensgate Chronicles: Unholy Awakening

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